Chance the Rapper Stars in Mr. Happy

Chance the Rapper was invited by Director, Collin Tilley, to star in the short film, Mr Happy. The two met on set of a Justin Beiber music video and clicked instantly. Tilley pitched the idea to Chance who was on board as soon as he could find the five available days needed in his schedule to start filming. The result: a dark, eerie film with bits of comic relief and few surprise turns, both good and bad.
Chance plays a character by the name of Victor, who finds himself in such a deep depression that he contemplates and then attempts committing suicide. When he realizes that he is incapable of doing the act himself, he turns to the Internet. There he finds the best solution available, a website by the name of, you guessed it, Mr Happy. This allowed him to place a hit on himself with 'customer satisfaction guaranteed'. However, after registering himself for a service found on the website, he finds himself in regret of his decision. To see the story unfold, watch his performance in Mr. Happy below.