"No Regrets" by Rik Cordero


Joey Bada$$ "No Regrets" Short Film from Rik Cordero on Vimeo.

recently came across a short film by Rik Cordero, titled, “ No Regrets.” This film stars the talented, rapper, Joey Badass. Telling some of the important times that took place in his life while growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

The film gives you a more in depth look into the rising artists life and background. A side you may not normally see, or would expect to see anywhere but in a movie theatre. In the beginning you see a significantly older Joey, well off and rooted, reminiscing on some of his past experiences in his more youthful days. Once he has decided it was no longer enough to merely remember he goes for a walk. He walks into a shed-like building and begins to start and calibrate a machine. Then he fully prepares the machine in its entirety, and steps onto the pad, and prepares himself for what happened to be time travel. He closes his eyes and opens them in a different Brooklyn than when he had first closed them, but no less familiar to him. He used his time in this different time to shadow, a younger version of himself, in some of his most impressionable moments in his life. As much as he loved seeing the beautiful memories, it was time to return to his own time. On his return his eye open to flashes that show him the beautiful times of his life and some of the most trying. He opens his eyes with a smile and a slight chuckle and end film. This for me was a very interesting video to see, and to be honest it was refreshing to watch. To see someone who had a rough upbringing and still his fondest memories are not of the nights in the club and getting all the way turnt up but of is most vulnerable and intimate to the artists themselves. Kudos to both the director and the cast, for the parts were well played, and well rehearsed. I would recommend this film to anyone. It’s a positive outlook on life and it shows you that all life experience could be either bad or good, depending on your perspective.