DOPE- Adj. & Noun


  • Used to describe something thought to be cool or awesome.
  • Common term to describe an illicit drug.


I recently had the time to go and check out the well-reviewed film by Rick Famuyiwa “DOPE”. The movie takes place on the hard streets of Inglewood, California. Three 90’s Sheik teenage geeks get by on music and staying together. They give you an idea on how you hard it really is growing up in the more uncommon sight of California. They link up one day with Dom, a veteran drug pusher, who extends his friendly hand to the three geeks who reluctantly accept. They had no idea the turn of events that would unfold after one night of that crazy party. From ducking the one times to dodging thugs this movie kept you thinking, but it also has a very powerful message about the ways some of the youth of today are growing up in. This movie took independent films to a awesome level. It speaks to you and it allows people to see the lighter side of the hood and as well as the hardship for minorities.