Interview with WAY

Bio: Ways is an Arizona native who is aspiring to make big moves. I recently got to have a sit down with the Phoenix Rapper and he gave me some insight as to what his process is. He gives the readers and I a glance into his life.

I like your song inhale the love. What was the inspiration for it?

I actually made that and it was like 2 months ago. It was right around the time that Fast 7 came out and they just kept making all these videos about Paul Walker, and it really made me sad I was like SHIT it is fucked up, and I actually saw like the end of the movie. So I just started looking up Paul Walker videos, and how he had contributed. They said how he was a very loving person, and shit like that and it made me think like “what do you have to offer to this world, you know what I’m saying’ like how you going show that you love the world?” so I just started thinking. And I thought the worlds a messed up place, you know? And I really want to have love for it but it’s just a messed up place. That’s where the chorus came from. Its like “I don’t want to hate no more no more do I want to feel this way towards this fear. This love has overcome my thoughts; sympathy has made me shed these tears. Want to change this world even if it takes one person at a time, cause I know if we change our minds we’ll do just fine.” I literally wrote that down and recorded it and I was like inhale the love, exhale the hate and then I made the beat around it. Which I think that beat was cold as fuck.

Is that your usual process, to make the beat around the lyrics? How do you usually create the beat?    

I usually create the beat, and get right to it. I remember back in 2012, I had this friend John who worked at Nike, when I just got the job. He listened to it and said I think you should try, this is a totally different creative process. You should try to rap first and then make the beat around it. I was like what?? You know how much work that’s going to take? I’m at the point where its like I have enough confidence to be like let me try that, so I tried it and that shit worked out. I actually did that shit with Mastodon Rare.

He was all tripped out. When I talked to him he was like “ He was doin something I haven’t even thought of before. He had me rappin and then made the beat around it.           

Yeah. I did that with him, and then I tried it with my friend Fransico. I made the beats around them to like kind of go with their voice or whatever, and I really like the way they came out. I remixed animals for him actually and posted it for him, and its got a lot more like now shit sounds real “LA” Like you’d hear that shit in the new school Boyz N The Hood, you know? This was the style I chose for this song anyway I recorded the rappin and then I started messing with a bunch of instruments. I made it sound like Dilla sounded. I like the way it came out.                                                                                                                          A lot of songs even now on the radio have the same beat and chorus to. It sounds really boring and it pisses me the fuck off. 

I know exactly what you mean. No matter where I go I listen to my own music now. I don’t even listen to the radio often cause I don’t fuck with this whole cookie cutter hip-hop shit.

Its like they got one CD that has only ten tracks and every 3 months they change the song on the CD… Slightly.

I swear it’s all the stations they just exchange the same CDs

I feel like this white man is up in this tall ass building in Albany, NY; and he’s like “Alright, mail these CDs to all the radio stations. 

“This is what my daughter loves.”

Exactly, like “this is what my daughter Catherine says she loves,” so you put it out! Like there’s this old ass white man born in 1922 who runs the radio stations. He’s like, “this is what the people want…” MAN Fuck what you think the people want. I hate how the radio plays Pitbull every other song… and its like who wants to hear Pitbull this often. They shove his music down your throat.

Ill admit dude I used to like his music, but now I’m like damn there goes the same sound all over again. 

I used to like Pitbull.. It all sounds the same. It seems like he’s in the V.I.P. of a prison in Miami; and that’s all he talks about. “Ok I’m in Miami again, in the same club, MR. Worldwide, 305.”                                                                                                                       This how you make a Pitbull song: you say area code, Mr. Worldwide, Mr. 204, Dale, and then you say the name of a city and liquor.

Then you have to have little john in it.

Back then he had some accomplishments, like he was one of the big pioneers for Reggaeton, and everything but now its just like everything sounds similar to his past songs. Now its to the point every time I hear Pitbull’s voice I change the radio station, and then I go to another radio station and then they play the dudes song again. I feel like they are forcing him down our throats nowadays. I’m like let me request Pitbull if I feel like it.

 Do you have any older hip-hop influences or any other genre of influences? I love music so I like a whole mess of genres types.

My influences start around when I was like 10. I’ve had a lot of different influences you know like I used to listen to Genuwine, Jodeci, Missy Elliot, and Nas; I used to listen to all that. I think Kanye West made me want to make music, like when I first heard College Drop out it was the day after my 10th B-day the album had just dropped. My mom bought that shit and she was bumpin’ it in the car after we like we went to the water park in like … I don’t know why we even went to a water park in February, but her work had rented it out so we all hopped into my mom’s car. When she played all fall down and I thought lost my mind I was like damn this is a good song! Then I just thought she had a burnt cd and then I see the nigga on MTV performing all fall down, and I’m like yo this Artist is real he exists! Just like listening to college dropout just like changed my mind and I was like I love this music.

I remember one time it was me and my cousin Angelo’s and my dad, we went from Maricopa to Ahwatukee, and my dad was playing blow your whistle . That song had already played on the radio station so I tried to change it. My dad was like don’t change it, Blow your whistle is on. I was like I don’t want to hear that song again. He said you don’t know good music; and I’m like I know what is good music, I just don’t want to hear that shit 10 times. At that time I decided I want to change music. I want to change the way everybody just listens to radio, which hasn’t really changed cause the radio all still sounds the same. I mean even back in 2003, radio, was a lot better. Even then though its always the same 10 damn songs. Then you got dudes playing songs from 2002, which is cool but its 2006, and these artists singing these songs already had 2 or 3 songs since.

I like that your music sends out a motivational, more from experience than these other due making songs like. Time of my life by ne-yo which dude sings bout being late on his rent but still going out.

MAN I cannot stand that song. Its like what are you Promoting?! Your promoting for people to be some trifling ass people. I have a song that the opposite of that. And its called “Buy sum Kicks” n it goes like “Ya’ll know how to hit a lick just to buy these kicks but ya’ll don’t know how to invest actin dividends. Ya’ll know how to hits instagram but ya’ll going ham, but yall aint neva had a plan never been a man..” Their songs like I am flat broke, but I’m still going to go to the club and not be shit. I was so shocked that that was Ne-yo I remember when he first came out with so sick man he had some great things to. Now its like I don’t give a fuck I’m going broke.

Do you play any instruments?

The only thing I really play is my keyboard. For me, I’m not good at multitasking. So it’s hard for me to even like play the drums. I can’t hit the kick unless it’s really simple. It’s hard to rub my belly and head at the same time. I can play the piano and I know how to dissect a song, bit I can’t play it together and I definitely cant do them at the same time like Jamie fox. I don’t have the multitask capacity. Now I’m to the point where I can do all the parts to my songs. And it’s taken my like 8 years to get to that point you know?

 At least you know though that your shit is dope! How many times have you preformed in public?

Probably 20. One of my first performances I messed a couple time you know, but I didn’t get boo’d I remember this one time in 2011 that I was getting ready for a show and I did an open mic night and I preformed some song I had never done before and the crowd was kind of quiet and I was like shit. So I get myself prepared for next time, and then next time I killed that shit, and there were audiences for other 6 or so other artists and had their heads bobbing to my shit. 

Is it nerve racking standing in front of a huge crown of people?

Nah that part actually makes me get into it. I pick out people in the crowd and I rap to them, and they all like oh shit. I find about 4 or 5 people to look at. At first I’m a little nervous like what happens when I’m nervous is my body temperature drops, and I start getting really cold, like holy shit I’m freezing. Did they turn the air on in here? And then I get on stage and my adrenaline starts going. The only time I’ve ever been really nervous was if there was a really cute ass girl, but that was before I had Taylor, so now I don’t get nervous, she gets more nervous than I do. She be like are you nervous right now? I’m nervous. And I’m a little bit nervous, but then I get on stage and its like this is were I belong you know what I’m saying I’m fucking glad I’m up here especially like seeing a lot of people going on stage and they wont even draw a crowd and they be like oh I like to thank everybody for being on here alright lets start the show first time I be like how’s everybody doing if I don’t here that I be like how the fuck is everybody doing and I make the crowd holler aight cool now we in this muthafucker lets start the show.                                                                                                  I know my performances aren’t perfect I want to know where I can do better where I lack I know that I kind of lack in like dance moves but I’m not really a dancer but I’m too big for that. I know what I do I do well but my biggest thing is making sure that people can hear and like what they hear ya know.

 Since you go to all these shows to promote yourself out preforming?. How does it affect your relationship?

I mean she its still like a working progress. Like since we’ve been together we try to do everything together. Cause we’re young and we have this vision like hey, we can be a power couple, but at the same time we have different interests. Like she can’t sit there with me while I make music, she gets bored and say lets go do something now. I cant ya know sit there and do what she wants to do. But we have to figure out that balance to do stuff together and not together.

What do you like to do with your free time?

 I like to do stuff that doesn’t take up too much of my time that’s why I do uber now because I used to work so much I didn’t have time to do music. I’d get home from like working 16-hour day and I still haven’t gone to the gym yet. That’s a very important thing to me too cause I want to stay in shape. I want to have that like celebrity body and do a photo shoot with a hundred thousand bitches. I’m a very faithful type of person, but I still want to have that affect on women. People say that The Rock and Channing Tatum look great. It’s like Channing Tatum isn’t even anything great, niggas just tall. If I had five nutritionists I’d look like that too.   

What keeps you positive about what your doing? What gives you energy to continue?What keeps me positive is the fans. They're not even really fans, cause I'm a fan of them. When they tell me that my music got them through their hard times, or that they love it, I feel like I owe them more music. I live to please them! And the energy in my continuance is my family. Everyone around me is struggling to make it, or even just struggling to survive, and I know it's my job to lift everyone up. 

What are you hoping to accomplish in the next couple years? Where do you see yourself?                                                                                                                                  I'm hoping to build up a very strong Internet and tour buzz, as well as have 3 albums out. I see myself being a headliner for festivals and shows throughout the nation, and being on television.                                                                                                                                

Thank you for doing this interview man. I can't wait to hear what else you have in store for the future! I enjoy your music and I know you’re going to go far because you have something to say and nowadays most folks don't know what that means...but you got it son! 

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His new album will be dropped Oct. 15, 2015.