Pandora's Box Lookbook

24CarrotRSVS' Pandora's Box from 24CarrotRSV on Vimeo.


“It’s late at night, and the bar just closed. Some friends and I are walking back to the car and then it happens. Something feels off but I can’t quite determine what it is. I enter the alleyway and then I see it, a radiating box, and I feel drawn to it. Although the feeling is unsettling, I sense that I am being followed, so I have no choice but to move forward. All I know is I have no control over what happens next... I can only more forward and embrace all that is to come…”

24 Carrot Reserve’s first season comes to you in the form of the capsule, appropriately themed as Pandora’s Box. The Pandora’s Box Capsule is rooted in film. This short film is the first of many to come. 24C looks forward to continue to provide top quality content to it’s viewers. Stay tuned for more.

Pandora’s Box is 24 Carrots’ premiere film look-book take on our first capsule, and without the help of our team this Collective would never be. Joseph Von Frechen, Creative Director of Join KLLR, directed the, Pandora’s Box, short film. Photography was taken by GVB Photography’s head Photographer Giancarlo Blanks. Musical talents laid down by Way Raps. Thanks to the models Ms. Olga Ochoa, Tommy Flores, Toney Flores, Drea Farrell, and AJ Flores.